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As a result of a consultation you may be referred for further investigations and treatment. When submitted, your referral will be processed by the Hospital or service you have ben referred to.

What you can expect

When offering you an appointment, the hospital will:

  • give you a days notice unless a cancellation has become available
  • inform you of the consequences of refusing a reasonable offer
  • send notice of appointments at least 14 days before the appointment, in a format appropriate to you
  • tell you how long the appointment will last
  • ensure that if the Hospital breaches the Treatment Time Guarantee, you are offered the next available appointment and an explanation given as to why the guarantee was breached
  • ensure that any additional needs are taken into account and support is in place when offering an appointment
  • explain to you that it might not always be possible for you to be seen and treated locally and provide details of possible locations
  • advise you as early as possible if you will need to travel for treatment

If you require transport for the appointment you should contact patient transport to arrange this. You will be asked a series of questions about your mobility, this is to assess if you are eligible for ambulance transport.

Checking the progress of a referral

If you have any questions about hospital appointments or are looking for the results of a test done at hospital, please contact the relevant hospital.

Hospital information/appointments are not always shared on our computer system and we only get results from hospital tests that we have directly requested.