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Gonorrhoea rates rising massively in Tayside

Since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, NHS Tayside has seen a massive increase in gonorrhoea rates, well above pre-pandemic levels.

It can be difficult to know you have Gonorrhoea without a test and it often goes under people’s radar. It is vital that any person who suspects they may have gonorrhoea, even without symptoms, gets tested.

Only 50% of women show symptoms (cervical infection)

90% of men will typically show symptoms from a urethral (penile) infection

The most common symptoms include pain or burning when you pee, urethral discharge for men, and unusual discharge and bleeding after sex for women.

Untreated, the infection can progress into the body causing systemic issues including:

  • septic arthritis
  • inflammation of the testicles
  • anal abscesses
  • ovarian abscesses
  • problems with pregnancy

What to Do Next?

If you have any symptoms please contact the Sexual Health Clinic to make an appointment by calling 01382 425542 open 9am – 12pm, Monday to Friday. You will be triaged via a phone call first.

Also, The Terrence Higgins Trust provides asymptomatic postal tests for anyone who thinks they may have been at risk of getting gonorrhoea, but who doesn’t have any symptoms. If you don’t have symptoms, but still feel you may have been at risk of getting gonorrhoea, you can order a free postal test at:

Condoms are the most effective way to limit the risk of Gonorrhoea transmission during sex and these are available free of charge in a number of locations across Tayside. For more information visit:

or download our Condom Finder app, here Free Condoms around Tayside

Free condoms by post are available from: